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Ceara Cavalieri | I Wish

Los Angeles based singer / songwriter Ceara Cavalieri has just released her sensitive pop track entitied 'I Wish'.


The track is a tender pop ballad with heartfelt vocals. Lyrically fresh, Ceara has the most beautiful tone, which compliments 'I Wish' perfectly. The simple and sultry beat running throughout the track gives the track an extra edge and a polished sound. Just gorgeous.

Ceara says on the track:

"This song is about falling in love with someone, and later realizing that you aren't their only one...but you wish you were. You think back to the times when you thought that you were and wish that was the reality. You wish that they would be happy with only you, but that's not the case so you know you should walk away."

Impressively racking up over 40k followers on Instagram alone since graduating from UCLA, Ceara is easily one of pop's most brightest prospects.


Listen to 'I Wish' HERE Instagram: @cearacavalieri


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