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Chambray | Hands Down

Fresh new label Undisputed Music broke cover with it's first release from German artist Chambray with 'Hands Down'.


The slick and uplifting house cut set out the label's stall for delivering high quality dance music that will stand the test of time. Chambray, the alias of André Rost has delivered some dance floor bangers over the years and has remixed several artists including Boys Noize and Amtrac, and collaborated with Laurent Garnier, Truncate, DJ Haus, Kill Frenzy & VONDA7.

'Hands Down' is an incredible start to the Undisputed legacy. The track is a timeless piece which sits between the classic French touch of labels like Roulé and the slicker, more refined sounds that have emerged over the last decade: a devastatingly effective hybrid of underground credibility and crossover potential.

Undisputed Music was founded by Tony Garvey and Marc Thomas, together sharing over two decades of experience, from currently running the UK Electronic roster for world renowned management company, Red Light, to many years within the walls of, Island Records, DefJam, Priority Records, MCA / Motown, AM:PM, Defected Records, Strictly Rhythm and Universal Music Publishing.

Tony Garvey says,

“Undisputed Music is not just about picking up records to release something every month, our interests are in sharing great music, breaking music and being parts of scenes and running our own label allows us to do that and have a far wider catchment of talent that we can work with. It allows us to pick up music from those artists we respect and bring it to a much wider playing field”

Passionate about breaking records and being immersed in the music that fuels our most cherished dancefloor moments, Undisputed Music is doing just that with a coalition of existing and new artists spanning many electronic genres, lining up releases to illuminate audiences across the globe.

'Hands Down' is out now.

Listen HERE



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