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Chris Conroy | Dive

Originating from the town of Portlaoise in Ireland, Chris Conroy has released his debut single entitled 'Dive'.


'Dive' is a gorgeous acoustic guitar driven track which is easy going yet powerful, with beautiful lyrics and an overall euphonious sound. Chris' vocal is rich, refined and full of heart, especially when building at the chorus with a raw and unique tone - making this debut an extremely good one.

The lyrics tell the story of starting a new relationship and the mixture of the thrill and the hesitancy to jump in too quick, expressing the idea that you should enjoy the present and not worry about the future.

Chris Conroy, named after his Grandad, who coincidentally was the only other musically orientated family member, discovered a love for guitar and songwriting in his late teenage years and writes about true experiences that have shaped his life and who he is today.

Having grown up listening to acoustic pop, Chris now draws inspiration from Hip Hop and R&B artists, fusing the two together to create a perfect blend.


Listen to 'Dive' HERE

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