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Chris Durkin | Mind feat. Lauren Light

Following the release of successful singles ‘Slow ft. Akacia’ and ‘Forest Eyes x MILA’, Chris Durkin has returned with his genre fusion hit 'Mind', featuring the sultry vocals of Lauren Light. The pair joined forces for this track, and are both members of an international songwriting super team.


Chris Durkin takes you on a musical journey with 'Mind' taking many different directions. The track starts light and build slowly throughout, and once the beat kicks in, the vibe changes again. Lauren's vocals are both haunting and alluring, and alongside Chris' production skill - this track is strikingly good, both soaked in synths and symphonic.

The track is about being lost in your own thoughts, finding solace in solitude, but also the dangers of overthinking. It really showcases their talent with heavy brass hits and percussive sound design.

It’s a song of contrasts, depicting how the mind and the soul are often conflicting with each other, which Chris reflects in the differing sections.


Listen to 'Mind' HERE Instagram: @chrisdurkinn | @lauren_light


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