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Chris James | Close To The Fire

German-American songwriter and producer Chris James has released his single 'Close To The Fire'.


With wholesome lyrics to warm your heart and give you all the feels, 'Close To The Fire' is bedroom / indie pop greatness with a catchy melody, bright synths and structured lyrics. Chris' smooth, pure vocals shine over feel-good, acoustic driven, dreamy production and like they are inviting you in and making you want to stay to listen over and over again.

Chris says,

“I wrote ‘Close to the Fire’ about finding a balance between giving something your all and taking a step back to slow down. I often found myself not knowing which approach is better for my health and I‘m still figuring it out.”

Chris makes indulgent indie pop from his bedroom, and after being on and off various major labels in Germany, Chris decided to leave the world of advances, product managers, and A&Rs behind to become independent. As a completely self-contained artist empowered by his own creative vision, writing, producing and mixing his own music.

In 2021, he does not plan to slow down.

'Close To The Fire' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @chrisjamesmusic


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