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2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Chris de Sarandy with the recent release of his debut single, he's now unveiled his sophomore single 'Like I Don't Know You'.


You'll find one thing over and over again in Chris' songs – departure, and approaching life with open eyes and ears. Part of this departure, however, is also a farewell. 'Like I Don't Know You' is about love, the inevitable path to lovesickness - and yet it exudes an irrepressible joie de vivre. Chris tells of the emotions that everyone in their mid-twenties shares - and thanks to his voice and flair for unique melodies always leaves a lasting impression.

He says about his music,

“I want to write the kind of music people can relate to and feel where it was written from. I want them to understand and relate to me and my writing."

With incredibly relatable songs and a raspy, soulful voice, the British singer-songwriter is as authentic as he is talented. Hailing from South West England, the 24-year-old started playing in an indie band from the young age of 14 but felt frustrated due to wanting to do more than his bandmates. He moved from indie to pop, calling his own music more natural and mature.

'Like I Don't Know You' is out now. Listen HERE


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