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ChrisLee | Flight Risk

Los Angeles pop artist ChrisLee has dropped his brand new single 'Flight Risk' - an emotional ode of choosing love in the midst of hard times.


As the world changes during times of uncertainty, being able to jump through hurdles and take on life’s challenges with someone you love is a bond that should be celebrated.

“Through many sleepless nights, I just knew that if I embraced the love I had in my life, I could go anywhere and do anything to get through this challenging time.”

'Flight Risk' is a sweet, soulful pop anthem with cheerful beats and encouraging guitar strums mixed with delicate vocals and meaningful lyrics. Co-written by fellow Songland alumni Keegan Bost and Devin Kennedy, and co-produced by Devin too, the track was written at the height of the pandemic when no-one knew what was coming next.

From the ups and downs of panic and excitement, ChrisLee reminds us to triumphantly push through the snags in life. As the world continues to heal through the wounds of 2020, 'Flight Risk' is the hopeful reassurance that brings light in the dark days.

He explains,

“The lyric in the second verse, ‘Now I really don’t care ‘bout a 5 year plan,’ really sums up the record for me. Having faith that whatever comes next is an adventure, and I need to be open and choose love through it all, instead of trying to control everything.”

ChrisLee is a LA based singer / songwriter who is taking over the pop genre. His lifelong passion for music led him to the Berklee College of Music, where he double-majored in both Music Production and Music Business. Beginning his career assisting major artists such as Miguel, Busta Rhymes and Shakira at Platinum Sound NYC, he takes influence from the likes of John Legend, Frank Sinatra and Kendrick Lemar, fusing classic R&B soul with modern, infectious melodies to create his unique sound - a sweet, soulful pop treasure.

ChrisLee is fresh off the heels of his appearance on Season 2 of NBC's Songland, where he wrote the winning Boyz II Men song 'Love Struck'. Not only this, but he also co-wrote the breakout hit single 'Don't Need Love' by 220 Kid and Gracey, which stormed the Top 10 on UK music charts and is now certified platinum and nominated for Best Single at the Brit Awards this year.

'Flight Risk' is out now. Listen HERE @chrisleemusic


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