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Christian French | make or break up

Christian French, one of 2020’s fastest-rising stars—with over 200 million Spotify streams under his belt — is back with 'make or break up', an entrancing track that finds him at the pivotal crossroads of a rocky relationship.


The enrapturing, introspective track is the newest entry from the staggeringly successful star’s hotly anticipated 'good things take time' EP via Disruptor Records/RCA Records, which drops later this summer.

'make or break up' has a gorgeous acoustic sound at the start, chilled for the first minute then builds into an indie pop sensation. Christians mesmerising vocal perfects the track which is lyrically on point and polished to perfection. A really solid and enchanting addition to the upcoming EP.

Christian says,

“'make or break up' is about miscommunication and misunderstanding within a relationship. I wrote this song from an experience I had with someone where we were in a big fight, and neither of us were willing to budge. In the end, we decided that we’d always be transparent with each other no matter how badly it hurt, because honesty is synonymous with love and respect in a relationship. It’s the only way a couple can continue to grow, and can make or break any relationship.”

The 'good things take time' EP, will include a collection which includes 'i think too much' plus singles 'crowded room' and 'time of our lives', all songs that have surpassed millions of streams to date.


Listen to 'make or break up' HERE Instagram: @christianfrench


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