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Christy | Dancing With Air

Glaswegian singer/songwriter Christy O’ Donnell has just dropped his new single titled ‘Dancing With Air’ which gives us a lauded taste of his upcoming debut EP, ‘Homegrown’. 


The track was released on July 24th via Made Records and sees the artist capturing the humble sounds of his busking roots with stadium sonance.  

Speaking of Homegrown’, Christy stated that: 

“These songs are everything I have been through in the last few years...My first release needed to be real, genuine – either people like it or they don’t, but at least I have been 100% myself and I’m not sacrificing anything to be a popstar. They are sad songs, but I wanted them to sound beautiful.”

He added: 

“Singing is basically letting out your emotions in a weird wail,” he laughs. “And after all the busking, I know a good wail from a bad one.”

‘Homegrown’ is scheduled for a highly-anticipated release later in the year.


Listen to 'Dancing With Air' HERE

WRITTEN BY ALISTER ROSS Twitter: @ross_alister


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