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clide | blank space

20-year-old artist clide sounds like 'born-and-raised in America' but he wasn’t. Half American, he grew up in Berlin, where he lives and creates his music. He has recently released new single 'blank space'.


'blank space' has the perfect balance between mellow and uptempo, feel-good production. Emotionally rich, the track is soulful and layered. Lyrically raw, 'blank space' is about search of identity in a world where you can be everything - being a blank space, clide tells his very own story. clide's vocal is distinctive with a exceptional range and invites you in to listen to more.

The track proves his talent for hooky and smart writing, and while 'blank space' pushes a more commercial appeal, clide continues to push musical boundaries whilst developing a unique style.

While last year's focus was very much on writing and testing out material in underground Berlin locations, 2020 is the year that clide has made his impact on the music scene and show listeners what he's made of.

'blank space' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @clideofficial


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