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After his last single ‘ALLERGIC’ achieved impressive international playlist success, the young songwriter - usually known for his thoughtful melancholic performances - shows a completely different attitude in his new song ‘OOPS’.


Usually known for surrendering to inner turmoil and never-ending heartache, clide draws a very clear line with this one and says goodbye with a raised middle finger to a relationship that hasn't been good for him for a long time. With the catchy production and happy melody ‘OOPS’ surely sets the focus on the bright side of being single again and letting go.

He says on the track,

"‘OOPS' is a pretty poppy song with a little wink, that basically says f**K you to your EX, but in a more playful way and without having hard feelings. It’s easy to listen to, got some summer vibes and is definitely very hooky."

'OOPS' is out now. Listen HERE @clideofficial


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