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Glasgow’s Cloud House have released their emotionally charged new single, ‘Don't Wanna Talk'. The song is the second to be revealed from their upcoming EP ‘Still Here’, due for release on November 1st. The band also headline Glasgow’s King Tut’s on September 29th.


‘Don't Wanna Talk’ continues the band’s run of anthemic, stadium-ready indie pop. Its driving, rhythmic melodies serve as a musical canvas for lead-singer Conor's deeply personal narrative. Inspired by the challenging circumstances of his childhood, Conor's lyrics offer a glimpse into the weight he carried as a young boy caring for his terminally ill mother.

Conor explains,

“This song is inspired by a journey I used to take as a young boy. My mum was ill throughout my childhood and I cared for her since I was old enough to remember. I always felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders as it was just Mum and I on our own. I used to put on a brave face for her but deep down it was a struggle for me. I wanted to be a kid. I wanted her to get better. I used to get the bus home and go past my stop as I didn’t want to go home quite just yet. I would go through phases of being okay and just getting on with it.”

Cloud House's unique sound is characterised by soaring vocals and rich instrumentation. The band's ability to intertwine vulnerability with resilience is showcased throughout their new EP ‘Still Here’. The seven track collection tackles themes of grief, hope, resilience, childhood struggles, longing, loss, and personal growth. The EP marks a development in style and an evolution for the band, whose last EP ‘Days Changed’ was released in 2021.

The band are one of a rare breed of bands who possess the remarkable ability to capture the human experience with raw honesty and undeniable emotion. They formed in a hot tub in 2019, but it was a dream in the making for much longer for the five musicians, Conor, Patrick, Jack, Calum and Morgan. Their empowering, relatable songs are the result of an eclectic collection of tastes and personal experiences. The newest member of the band, Morgan (Saxophone, Keys, Guitar) joined officially in summer 2023 after initially performing as a live member.

The band have supported significant acts such as Big Country, The Luka State and Cassia - closing the summer off with their upcoming ‘Don't Wanna Talk Tour’ around Scotland, culminating in a headline show in their hometown Glasgow at King Tut’s on September 29th.

'Don't Wanna Talk' is out now. Listen HERE @cloudhouseband


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