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Color Fields | Lovin' You Better

Indie-pop duo Color Fields have announced their forthcoming EP 'Pendulum' and new single 'Lovin' You Better'.


The rich, soulful vocal of 'Lovin' You Better' makes this track really stand out. The indie-pop sound is infectious, and is fused with an EDM vibe to create something special - and really skilful. This summer love song is just brilliant to get up and dance to. Produced by Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis and Peter Katis, the song is cleverly crafted and truly euphonious, easy listening done right.

Scott Packham of the duo said,

"John and I both learned so much from working with Jerry and Peter. They're two very successful and talented producers but the way the work is very different and it helped make the album what it is. As far as the creation of the song itself, I'd say that it's one we spent a lot of time crafting the 'sonic landscape' for and a lot of time re-writing the chorus on it. Jerry and his team added some additional drum elements that moved things into a new direction. Maybe an additional thing to include would be about the collaboration between us. It was interesting to work with Jerry and Peter and see the different ways they work and the different things they would choose to add or not add."

The video for 'Lovin' You Better' was created by 351 Studio - the band having approached them with references and notes before they ultimately delivered the final product.

Influenced by artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, TV on the Radio and Iron and Wine, Color Fields has big plans for their unique blend of a sound.


Listen to 'Lovin' You Better' HERE Instagram: @colorfieldsmusic


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