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contradash | white lie

LA based 22 year old singer, songwriter and rapper contradash has released his synth / electro dream track 'white lie'.


'white lie' has all of the elements which make up a great track. Produced by Russ Chell, the track is lyrically clever, telling of deception and a toxic relationship, whilst being a catchy and upbeat song of the summer. The vocal works superbly well with the instrumental and is fresh, feel good and hard to put in a specific category - it's a perfect fusion of pop, R&B, hip-hop and indie rock.

The visual is cinematic and captures the raw emotion in the lyrics.

contradash states,

“We wanted to make some Avril Lavigne 2002 shit with this video, she’s a hero to kids my age. I watched her ‘Smile’ video, it really inspired me to go in that direction. The 2000’s is my favorite era, I didn’t take life as serious, and that’s something we tried to embody with the ‘White Lie’ video.”

contradash is firmly on the rise with recent single 'blocked' landing at No. 12 on Spotify's New Music Friday on release as well as his established sound and style being extremely striking and unique.


Listen to 'white lie' HERE Instagram: @contradash


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