Cooper Bloom | Drinkin Alone

Toronto born singer, songwriter and dancer Cooper Bloom has released his debut pop anthem 'Drinkin Alone'.

The lyrically vulnerable and hopeful track tells the tale of being honest with yourself, speaking your own truth, but is disguised as a disco infused, pop track bursting with euphoria. The wildly addicting chorus is both catchy and passionate, everything you want to hear from an uptempo, commercial anthem. The vibrant opening sets the pace for the track as it keeps it's powerful, fun loving and feel good beat throughout and arrives just in time for the summer months.

A performer since the age of two, Cooper Bloom was born and raised just outside Toronto and focussed on competitive dance throughout his childhood and teenage years, it was only a matter of time before Cooper turned to music. Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community has taught Cooper the essential values of inclusivity, strength, and kindness. Ever since he was old enough to hit the drag bars, he started to draw inspiration from Drag Queen performances— in hopes to one-day sell-