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Street level punk savage lyrics and bass breaks collide on new single from Cooper T.

'Outside Looking In' is a rebellious brew of club culture, DIY punk ethics and UK rap aspects and features Manchester singer EvaBee.


Taken from their forthcoming debut EP, set for release later this year, the single captures the voice of the disillusioned and represents lived experiences candidly. Yet beneath its wit and melodic charm, it's socio-political undercurrent is rooted in the now - shining a spotlight on the class divide, and the harsh realities within Britain today.

Described as 'a cross between Slowthai, Happy Mondays and a modern day Specials' Cooper T are a striking duo in balaclavas and dead men's suits running amok in modern metro Manchester. Yet beneath the surface of their mysterious and foreboding aesthetic lies a much deeper facet rooted in the flickering all-nighter club scene of ricocheting post grime, jungle and breakbeat. Raised by the likes of Levelz Crew and Children of Zeus and integrated into the bass-heavy local underground music collective, they bring their own brand keenly observational and rebellious music while maintaining a wicked tongue-in-cheek humour.

Having built a strong live following and fanbase already with their own headline shows across the North of England, they are set to gain a reputation as one of the most exciting, energetic, and relevant must-see live bands.

'Outside Looking In' comes after their intro single ‘Getting In The Way’, which was championed by tastemakers across the board. Their forthcoming debut EP is an eclectic mix of genres with lyrics that capture living in the city with a surprising poetic vision. Every generation needs a band to signpost their times, sing about their lives, make sense of the senseless and deal with the reality that you can dance to.

Cooper T are a duo cut from Brit-indie heritage yet delivering a future-facing sound and attitude. They have it all in place to be this generation's soundtrack and stand as an example of an act able to capture the ominous sound of British life in 2023.

'Outside Looking In' is out now.


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