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Coopertheband | Stuck

Coopertheband have released their single 'Stuck' - written long before quarantine, but one that couldn't be more apt during current times.


'Stuck' is pop perfection with a chilled indie rock vibe thrown in. It is vocally superb and lyrically great, mystical at times with a massive chorus. We can only imagine how good this song would sound live. Exhiliarating and exceptional music for all ears - a truly fantastic track with polished production from an insanely talented band.

They say on the track,

"'Stuck' is about having the desire to chase your dreams but finding yourself -stuck- or trapped inside your own head and fighting the difficulty to be your own reason for holding back."

Coopertheband is a 'bramily' (band/friends/family) composed of six music nerds with minds to rhyme and twelve hot feet. Based in Jackson, TN, the band have found success nationally, featured on various TV networks as well as the hit show 'Without a Trace'.


Listen to 'Stuck' HERE Instagram: @coopertheband

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