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Crack Jones | Never Let Go

Canada's Crack Jones has released his SRNDR debut track 'Never Let Go'.


'Never Let Go' has that classic techno sound, lightly flavoured with elements of funk & soul. Layered with textured dance beats, a punchy bassline and progressive production and reverb drenched vocals to create ambience, 'Never Let Go' is a hypnotic, danceable and bold track ready made for dance-floors around the world.

Like many music lovers of his generation, Crack Jones' musical journey began with discovering music on Napster, which exposed him to and broadened his knowledge of the various genres of music.

Digging deeper into its various sub-genres, and eventually becoming a DJ and producer, championing the deeper and groovier side of house and tech-house and a sound that is decidedly original school. He is now a regular feature of the Toronto night scene.

'Never Let Go' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @crackjonesmusic


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