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Culture Wars | Hunger

Austin, Texas trio Culture Wars have released their new song 'Hunger', from their upcoming EP 'teche', due for release later this year.


A constantly changing conceptual masterpiece of electro-pop fused with alt-rock, fuzzy guitars, hypnotic synths and an unforgettable bassline, 'Hunger' is one that can't fit into a certain category. The genre-binding track is so unique and sublime that it blows you away each time - fresh and totally new, but with sparks of 80's pop rock, sparkling with nostalgia and vocally mesmerising.

Alex admits,

“I was at a weird place in my life. For me, it was a release of energy. Retrospectively, ‘Hunger’ could be about distancing yourself from emotion in a relationship where you’ve had to disassociate due to dysfunction.”

The band, composed of Alex, David and Dillion, have amassed over 7 million streams independently, inciting a flurry of activity on TikTok and charting a top 30 on Alternative radio. Culture Wars’ self-titled debut EP in 2017 saw their first taste of success, with their single ‘Lies’ cracking two million streams on Spotify, and their following single ‘Bones’ rising to #43 on the Alternative radio charts. Culture Wars has quickly established themselves as a band with their own unique style and vibe, writing and recording both from home on laptops and in the remote setting of Sonic Ranch, located just 45 minutes toward the border outside of El Paso.

'Hunger' is out now. Listen HERE @culturewars_


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