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D.B. Ricapito | I Can't Explain It

D.B. Ricapito has just released his EP 'I Can't Explain It', featuring tracks 'Picture', as well as focus single 'Touch' which was released back in October.


D.B. Ricapito's vocal grabs your attention from the first note, his tone is just beautiful, raw yet so pure. 'Touch' is a chilled and melodic track with a dreamy acoustic arrangement with more upbeat production in exactly the right places. A truly captivating performance on this track, as well as sentimental lyrics that will resonate with listeners.

He says on the track,

"If you've ever missed anyone, you'll be able to relate to the lyrics of this song. It speaks to the feeling of just missing being around the people we cared about - family, friends, lovers and especially my fans.”

Sonically, D.B. Ricapito pulls influence from pop and mainstream artists which as Why Don't We and Shawn Mendes whilst putting his own spin on his music. The EP features production from Digital Farm Animals and JConn.

'I Can't Explain It' EP is out now.



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