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Following the release of the explosive 'Over You' earlier this year, Rotterdam-based singer and songwriter Daimy Lotus unveils her new cut 'Pathetic' via Amsterdam-based independent record label New Ams.


Taking inspiration from the pop-punk scene to create a backdrop of crashing guitars and electrified riffs, 'Pathetic' hits back at the insufferable millennial male dating trope - the f**kboy. A powerful pop-rock single filtered with grungy hues, 'Pathetic' hopes to be an anthem for all those who have been affected by manipulative behaviours. Criticising their actions towards potential suitors, the alternative pop single demands to put a stop to the toxicity that is rife in modern dating with an assertive statement of resilience.

Daimy explains,

"There wasn’t a specific person that came to mind while writing this song. I just had this kinda aggressive and disgusted feeling coming up while hearing the chords that were played, so I knew I had to tap into that and the fuckboy-theme is what came out of it. The fact that I couldn’t link it to one specific person is because I’ve had many messed up experiences where guys would just walk all over me, pushing my limits to get what they want and never even consider once what I wanted."

With her tunes already seeing support from Spotify, who have added her tracks to their New Music Friday NL, Fresh Pop, Indie Alternative, Equal Netherlands playlists and more, plus inclusion in editorial playlists on Apple Music and online tastemaker support, Daimy Lotus is bursting onto the scene with her upbeat, exciting pop, carving a lane for her playful, polished and alluring sounds. Writing about themes of heartbreak, mental health and self growth, Daimy Lotus' punchy sounds and powerful hooks make for an addictive listen. An advocate of inclusion sees Daimy's music accommodating and connecting with people who experience life in a variety of ways, ensuring that everyone feels both seen and heard. Settling easily into the ears of any pop lover, Daimy's crashing pop tunes are a force to be reckoned with. 'Pathetic' is out now. Listen HERE @daimylotus


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