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Damian Lynn | Blink of an Eye

Take a short break and think about your own life. Moments of self-reflection that we share with ourselves are the perfect template and inspiration for new songs for musicians; So also for Damian Lynn, who presents his brand new single with 'Blink of an Eye' via Phonag Records / Embassy Of Music, allowing us to dive into his world of thoughts.

'Blink of an Eye' is a flashback song remembering times gone by disguised as a lively and layered pop song. Cleverly written with a charming and relatable back story in the accompanying video - telling the story of the song in a beautiful way with pictures and video clips from his own life. He opens his photo album and video archive and shows us significant places and moments from his past and present that have shaped and influenced him as people and artists.

The track shows off Damian's vocal talent and polished, solid sound, ready made for the mainstream.

“It started to get me busy when I spent more of my Saturday evenings at home. In the past, it was unimaginable not to go out at the weekend in the evening."

The Swiss artist has been making a great start in his homeland since 2015: With 'Memories' he landed a hit single straight away, the subsequent debut album climbed to number 12 on the Swiss album charts. From then on, things progressed very quickly.

With such a talent for hits, there is no lack of even greater attention and his success should not be limited to his home country. His 2019 single 'Wait' was the starting point of a collaboration with Berlin label Embassy Of Music and to date, the song has recorded over 2.5 million cross platform streams, making it one of Damian's most internationally successful tracks.


Listen to 'Blink Of An Eye' HERE Instagram: @damainlynnmusic


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