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Dance Yourself Clean | Something's Changed

'Indie dance party' turned musicians Dance Yourself Clean have released their single 'Something's Changed'.


'Something's Changed' is an indie pop track inspired by the likes of early 2000's hitmakers such as The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. A slick, polished club classic with indie electro dance beats to fill any dance floor. It's endlessly playable and chart worthy, giving off major feel-good vibes, strong, funky vocals and a bouncy guitar solo.

Dance Yourself Clean started in Seattle in 2013 and quickly grew into the first touring dance party in North America. Having moved to Los Angeles to expand the party, DYC created their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and began to produce for other artists, before turning their party into a music project who now release original music and remixes.


Listen to 'Something's Changed' HERE Instagram: @danceyourselfclean


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