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Dancing on Tables | Riviera

Scottish five piece indie-pop band Dancing on Tables have released their new track 'Riviera' - a self proclaimed summer anthem.


This purely joyous track just makes you smile from the moment you press play. You can't get enough of the Scottish accent and the vocals shine right through. The production carries the track very well, chilled yet vibrant - summery indie pop done very right, making us miss festival season!

The band say:

"'Riviera' began with a joke that somehow found its way into becoming our self-proclaimed 'summer anthem. We wrote about someone who spent their relationship hoping to run away to the coast of Italy, only to find out that after the relationship ended, he had been replaced and the new couple were living out his dream. The trashing guitars and summery hooks, mixed with the assertiveness of the second verse , give it an air of defiance, as we realised that with such a feel-good song the new couple simply couldn't win."

Dancing on Tables are from a small town right outside Edinburgh called Dunfermline. Formed in their last year of school, Robbie, Callum, Hamish, Gregor and Michael bring an eclectic range of influences to create an infectious indie pop sound, that once you've had a sample of, you can't get enough.


Listen to 'Riviera' HERE Instagram: @dancingontables


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