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Danny Wright | Help

London based heavyweight, self confessed 'prince of pop-punk' Danny Wright bares his soul with his single 'Help'.


'Help' is fast and furious banger, with an incredible vocal which is pop punk excellence - both powerful and gentle at times throughout. The sound fuses both indie with pop-rock tendancies and is strong both lyrically and instrumentally. This is the track that would be the most perfect encore at any show, one that his army of fans could scream the lyrics back.

In 'Help', Danny reveals the vulnerability beneath his bravado as he desperately seeks clarity and shelter from an unforgiving world.

He sings with the familiar sneer that has endeared him to his legions of young fans,

“I’m fed up of lying and pretending I’m alright, I traded my strength and all of my pride.” 

Thanks to his willingness to face his generation’s struggles head on, Danny Wright has skyrocketed to prominence as one of this era’s most passionate voices for disenfranchised English youth.


Listen to 'Help' HERE Instagram: @dannywrightuk


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