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Having just wrapped his nationwide 'Content Overload' tour, recording artist danny G is back to ring in our final days of summer with his highly anticipated hit 'shameless'.


Having already teased the track on TikTok, fans look forward to a new single to follow his popular and most recent hit 'participate', which is streaming more day-by-day now, than its release in April of 2022. Tapping into new genres, 'shameless' brilliantly showcases danny’s vocal and instrumental versatility.

“I really pushed myself more on this record than I ever have, getting towards the top of my range and really letting it fly with the melodies.”

Inspired by the life of a dreamer during the throws of their 20’s, 'shameless' perfectly embodies the feeling of not knowing exactly where you’re going in life, but enjoying the journey every step of the way. Danny confronts the harsh truth that we only have one life to live, so why not shamelessly attack your dreams instead of looking back at what could have been? The message offers universal appeal as most people can relate to seizing the moment and never looking back. Highly danceable from beginning to end, danny introduces us to vibrant, positive melodies for any age demographic. The up-tempo rock leaning drums match seamlessly with ear-grabbing melodies and a groovy baseline, making it the perfect pool party hit for our final days of summer. He has coined this one of his favourite records to date, and we know you’ll be feeling it too.

'shameless' is out now. Listen HERE @dannygofficial


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