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With her vision fixed, Dasha is ready to bring more music to this world that is upbeat, vibrant, and raw. The first single from this new batch of songs is 'Dramatic'.


'Dramatic' sees Dasha at her most rock 'n' roll. Inspired by a messy breakup, the track is unapologetic from its driving drums and guitar to calling out the cheat who put her in this vulnerable position in the first place. When she sings, "These are the facts/ Don't call me dramatic", you can feel the power of her bringing the truth to light.

As Dasha details,

"Last year I got broken up with… on face time… after he got back with his ex… after telling me not to tell anyone about us… But he was my first love, unfortunately. During the fall out I finally came to my senses. I got pissed at him and called him out for everything, and his response, ladies and gentleman, was that I was “being dramatic”. So, naturally I wrote a song about it."

For singer-songwriter Dasha, there is no separation between her art and the artist- she is always her authentic self. The 22-year-old pop singer gained attention from critics and fans with the release of her debut EP, '$hiny Things' in 2021. She was featured on Spotify's Night Pop and Chill Pop playlists along with Apple Music's Breaking Singer-Songwriter with multiple singles garnering 1 million streams each.

Art has always been the way for Dasha. Born in California, she immersed herself in dance, acting, and especially music. By the time she was 12, Dasha was already getting a taste for writing and performing her own music. With the help of her producer brother, Bardo, Dasha was empowered to pursue music and has never looked back. Dasha is poised to reach new heights with her upcoming releases.

'Dramatic' is out now.


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