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Davey | Thinkin' About Your Girlfriend

Irish artist Davey has released his single 'Thinkin' About Your Girlfriend'.


Davey is crafting unique sound which is creative and genre binding with a quirky soundscape, but could easily be placed right in the centre of the commercial mainstream and is everything you want from a pop ballad. 'Thinkin' About Your Girlfriend' is an energetic track soaked in 80's retro nuance with a backdrop of infectious 1975 style melodies, lush synths and a funk-filled, earworm bassline which sets the scene for a mesmerising vocal performance of fun and playful lyricism.

Davey says on the inspiration behind the track,

"'Thinkin' About Your Girlfriend' is a song I wrote about admiring a girl who's in a relationship. Wanting to be with them, and seeing their current boyfriend (who you're so much better than by the way!) as nothing more than a nuisance. Forget the fact she's perfectly happy she's meant to be with me?!"

Davey began releasing music in 2019, writing and co-producing his own material which combines emotive lyrics with feel good music, evoking feelings through the sounds he uses as well as his lyricism. He finds inspiration through experiences such as love, heartache and everything in between. A multi-instrumentalist, Davey can use different styles with each song whilst still carrying his own recognizable sound. He cites the likes of Prince, Daryl Hall & John Oates and The 1975 as musical influences.

'Thinkin' About Your Girlfriend' is out now. Listen HERE @imdavey


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