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Denis Coleman | Like I Can

Rising teen pop star Denis Coleman has released his single 'Like I Can' following a rapid rise in devoted fans over the last year.


'Like I Can' is a track which is bursting with energy and flavour, with polished vocals from Denis. It's pop-chart perfection, catchy and one that his army of devoted fans will love, yet has a coolness to it, meaning it could be endlessly playable, in the clubs and more. The instrumental and production captivates you in with it's upbeat, electro sound. We can't wait to hear what comes next from Denis.

He says of the track,

“Writing ‘Like I Can’ was a liberating process. I am a big over thinker and in some ways the song was written as a letter to myself. I've been in positions where I doubt myself and miss out on a great opportunity because I lack the confidence. 'Like I Can' is the voice in my head reminding me to take a chance.”

American born Denis Coleman is now based in the UK and emerged earlier this year with his single 'Make Friends', which has now hit over 1.5 million streams and counting. At just 17, Denis is already being compared to a big wave of prophetic male stars and has supported various talents including New Hope Club & New Rules at their headline tour dates.


Listen to 'Like I Can' HERE Instagram: @deniscolemanmusic


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