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Denis Coleman | Wrong Reasons

Kicking off 2021 with 'Tangerine' last month, rising pop trailblazer Denis Coleman has shared his brand new single 'Wrong Reasons' via AWAL.

Denis showcases his new sound which is both fresh and sophisticated, serving as the perfect re-introduction to his new and exciting musical era. Both catchy and cool, 'Wrong Reasons' is everything we love when it comes to pure pop - passionate, upbeat and infectious. The track fuses playful guitar riffs with electro-pop production and bright beats to accompany Denis' engaging vocals.

Written by Denis himself, the track lyrically explores the complexities of loving someone for the ‘Wrong Reasons’ yet still pursuing the feeling because the excitement is worth the risk.

Speaking about the single, he explains:

“These days, so many of us wish to inject our somnambulant lives with adrenaline, with a touch of the manic, the passionate, the absurd - even if that means we crash and burn in the process. I’ve certainly felt the need for wild escapism - and sometimes we need “someone” in order to experience it. 'Wrong Reasons' focuses on that “someone,” whose electrifying and attractive exterior hides a much more devious and dangerous true self. Wrong Reasons is a cry for color in a monochromatic world, a twisted love letter not just to Romance, but to the beautiful risk we call life”

'Wrong Reasons' is out now. Listen HERE @deniscolemanmusic


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