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Discrete | EXPLORE EP

Fusing pop with dance influences, Swedish artist Discrete has released his debut EP 'EXPLORE', combining modern themes with electro euphoria.


Featuring 5 flavourful tracks, the EP weaves dance-pop versatility through relatable and modern themes, relationships, reflections and bettering one's self. Full of uplifting, splash-filled melodies that doesn’t confine to one genre, the new project truly captures Discrete’s vision.

Talking about the process, Discrete says:

“It was in mid 2019 when the idea of an EP came to mind. I wanted to build and create something that felt like me. Something that had diversity, instead of releasing 5 songs that sound similar. 'EXPLORE' became my own way of exploring different genres, whilst challenging myself as artist, songwriter and producer. I'm really excited with the final result.”

Focus track 'RUN AWAY' is a collaboration with Swedish songwriter Alex Shield, who has launched his own project under the name of KELLYKKE. Combining crisp beats and breezy synths that flow graciously together; Discrete and KELLYKKE explore urges for self-discovery and new beginnings. The contemporary R&B sounding vocals gives this track a slightly different feel to the rest of the EP, but meshes together well with Discrete's production to create a really slick track.

Talking about this collaboration, Discrete says:

“KELLYKKE and I met for the first-time last summer, and we’ve been working on a lot of songs together since. He came up with an idea for a song using a guitar and his vocals, and before we knew it RUN AWAY was born. We ended up experimenting until we finally found a middle ground that fitted both of our sounds. I feel humble that he wanted to release his first single as KELLYKKE with me.”

Intertwined with pulsating synths, catchy hooks and flawless vocals, feel-good summer jam ‘Stupid Things’ featuring Neville explores the desire to love and be daring with someone. After sending the demo over, Neville's producer completed the track by adding her stunning vocals to create a sweet cocktail of flawless production topped with a gorgeous toned voice. The production process behind the track differed to anything that Discrete has ever done before- from an instrumental number to a dreamy anthem.

Opening the EP is Dancefloor filler ‘Feed Me With Love’ where the producer teams up with Charla K to create a nostalgic landscape. Elsewhere, ‘Typo’ features singers Tudor and Victoria Voss, who cleverly narrate a two-way feud between ex-lovers through soft indie-pop sensibilities, which later evolves into a euphoric dance track. On Spotify alone, the record has already surpassed over 1 million streams.

Closing number ‘Better Days’ sees Discrete collaborate with lifelong friend Chris Collins to create an 80s inspired synth-pop number that focuses on the struggles and pain caused by long distance relationships.

It has been quite the year for the electro-pop connoisseur; whose passion and creativity for dance music has guided him into becoming the multi-talented producer that he is today.

“As an artist, I always aim for growth, and want to stay away from focusing on one particular genre. People have always told me to ‘find my sound’ which is something that I like to keep in mind. I like the thought of my audience not knowing what to expect when I release music.”

With his own impressive catalogue of music hitting over 65 million plays across all platforms, Discrete is already making waves across the electronic music scene. Having produced songs for many artists across the board, Discrete has been able to experiment and perfect his own craft in a way that allows him to be capable of just about anything.


Listen to the 'EXPLORE' EP HERE Instagram: @whoisdiscrete


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