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Interview | Anakim

It’s been a patient road success for Anakim, the LA-based DJ and producer who has recently become a regular in the Beatport 'Top 10'.


Having first had a taste of electronic music and DJ culture ten years ago when he attended his first ever rave Insomniac's EDC Los Angeles, moving into Doing and production felt natural. Soon after he enrolled at Icon Collective Music Production School - which he insists was crucial to his musical development.

He quickly honed in on a signature sound which he coined as 'intergalactic underground sounds' due to the fact his peers didn't understand his production style at the time. He said:

“I’d say I have honed a formidable style that is melodically rich and delightfully sinister. I mesh these hypnotic melodies with dark driving rhythms, pulling listeners in with visceral tension before eruptive moments of energy that translate seamlessly from club to warehouses to festivals"

The years since have been a whirlwind for Anakim. His first gig ever was at acclaimed nightclub Sound in Los Angeles where he was quickly offered a residency slot. He soon shared the same decks as artists such as Yotto, Lane 8 and Chris Liebing and in late 2019, Anakim opened and closed for deadmau5's testpillot project at Exchange LA. Releasing tracks on a number of well known labels such as Insomniac Records and Desert Hearts Black, his ascent through the electronic music ranks has rapidly accelerated. It's a similar situation on the DJ front, with Anakim performing at the iconic Yuma Stage at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Holy Ship, Beyond Wonderland and more.

Anakim kicked off 2020 as one of Billboard Dance's Emerging Artists who said:

"Anakim is one of many next-generation DJ's and producers who are keeping LA's nightlife thriving!"

Continuing his ascent with an EP on Desert Hearts Black, supported by the likes of Sasha and John Digweed, Anakim is primed to take the new decade by storm! Listen HERE!

We had a get to know chat with him recently!

Please introduce yourself and tell us an interesting fact about you!

"Hey everyone! My name Riccardo LeBron, but people know me professionally as Anakim. I think the most interesting fact about me is that I am in the video game Anthem as a non-playable character named Matthias Erryl Sumner. I did motion capture at Electronic Arts for this game back in 2017 and it finally came out last year. Not sure I'll ever top being immortalized in a video game!"

Where are you from?

"I grew up in a small beach town north of San Diego, California called Encinitas, but Los Angeles has been my home for the last 13 years."

Where does the name Anakim come from and why did you decide on it?

"The Anakim are a race of giants mentioned a few times in the bible. I wanted something mythical and huge to describe my music and I felt the Anakim represented that."

How long have you been making music?

"For fun, a very long time. At a professional level, about four years now."

Can you sum up your sound in 3 words?

"Intergalactic Underground Sounds"

What is your dream place to play?

"It's a toss up between Printworks London and Privilege Ibiza."

Who is your dream artist to collab with?

"Hot Since 82. We are quite opposite in sound, but I have so much respect for him as a DJ, producer, and label boss. I think we could come up with something rather interesting, yet smashing. Daley, if you're reading this, let's make it happen!"

Who inspires you and your sound the most at the moment?

"The cosmos, interstellar travel, other galaxies and the idea of what really lies out in deep space."

What has been the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

"No one owes you anything."

What has been your favourite memory so far on your journey?

"A few months back I played a show with Testpilot, which for people who don't know, is Deadmau5's techno alias. My dad had never seen me perform for a crowd, so I brought him to the show and he was blown away! He was the real MVP that night, hanging all the way until the show ended at 4am. He even walked on stage at a certain point while I was on and surprised me with a hug. I'll never forget that moment."

You have played at Coachella, Holy Ship and Beyond Wonderland to name a few. Which has been your favourite place you have ever played and why?

"I'd say it's a tie between Coachella and EDC. I went to Coachella as a fan literally 8 years in a row with the same group of friends and the 9th year I went I happened to be performing at the Yuma Tent, my favorite stage there. Performing at EDC last year (2019) was where everything came full circle. EDC 2010 was my first rave ever and my full introduction to the incredible world of dance music. It was a bit surreal performing at the festival that started it all for me."

Your latest EP ‘Posedion’s Revenge’ was released in January. Which is your favourite from the release?

"Alien In The Stargate. I think my production and sound design in that track is some of my best and most innovative work to date."

How do you plan on spending the rest of this year?

"Working on my first album and getting the details of the record label I'm starting all sorted out for 2021."


Find out more HERE


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