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DORYAN | We Used to Love

Pop renegade, London based DORYAN has released his latest single 'We Used to Love' in memory of his grandmother.


'We Used to Love' is a dance based electro pop song at it's roots, with layered production utilising melodic synths, but the lyrics are emotional and raw. The track is dedicated to his late grandmother whom he had a great bond with. We're sure she will be smiling and dancing along with him to this track - a truly lovely tribute.

DORYAN said on the track:

She was the most important person in my life who transmitted her love of music to me so the only way for me to process my grief was to write a song for her. This is what can be referred to as a 'Sad Bop', a catchy pop tune where I'm dancing my pain away. It's a celebration of the love that as before and the Love that is to come. "

DORYAN is originally from Geneva, Switzerland and made the move to London in early 2014 to pursue a carer in music. We're sure there are great things to come...


Listen to 'We Used to Love' HERE Instagram: @withdoryan


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