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Retro ‘80s synth artist Dreamkid (real name Ryan Morris) has created another euphoric pop rock anthem called 'Take Me On Tonight', featuring Metro Station’s Mason Musso.


With a soaring synth bass line and cascading melody, 'Take Me On Tonight' is the soundtrack to your nostalgic cruise down an ‘80s memory highway. As a diehard fan of pop rockers Metro Station, when the band’s vocalist Mason Musso followed and messaged Dreamkid on Instagram and the subject of collaboration came up, Dreamkid sent a bunch of music clips to Musso who picked his favourite and added vocals to the mix.

When asked what the essence of 'Take Me On Tonight' is, Dreamkid explains,

“It’s about trying to restore an old relationship that didn’t work out because of mistakes you made, and because of the different paths life has taken you both on. It really is a feelgood song though, so hopefully it’ll give people that little bit of hope that they need to fix a broken relationship.”

With the original reel posted almost a year ago with the caption, “It’s 1987, you thought they were totally out of your league, but you just caught them staring at you,” the lyrics of “Take Me On Tonight” tell the story of a relationship that’s done a complete 180°, but that’s open to a positive reconciliation.

As the self-proclaimed creator of #Blinkwave, Dreamkid has amassed an impressive celebrity following with Zooey Deschanel, Freddie Prince Jr., Donnie Wahlberg, David Aquette and Zachary Levi all cosigning on his nostalgic compositions. Dreamkid has also cleverly capitalised on the viral nature of his videos, by consistently churning out quality content that his followers can’t seem to get enough of.

With the trajectory of his career on an upward swing, Dreamkid details how things have changed for him saying,

“For starters my social life has gone down the drain because now I’m working 24/7, but I’ve been working for this my entire life, so now that everything is happening I don’t want to lose momentum. It’s awesome though, I went to The States two months and ago and people approached me everyday in the street when I was in L.A. I’m just a guy from Durban in South Africa, so it was all very surreal for me.”

'Take Me On Tonight' is out now. Listen HERE @dreamkid83 | @themasonmusso


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