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Drew Thomas I Bohemians

Following on from the immense success of previous releases, including 'Running Reds,' 'Somebody You Needed,' 'Lying On The Concrete,' and 'Vultures,' Drew Thomas has unveiled his brand new single, 'Bohemians.'

There is something immensely captivating about the brilliantly talented singer and song-writer's music, and 'Bohemians' is no different.

Uptempo in its nature, the track depicts finding someone who makes you feel complete, accepting their flaws and loving them for it - whether this is a best friend, a lover or a soulmate, somebody who feels addictive to be around. 'Bohemians' is ultimately about having the strength, courage and bravery to accept somebody's character rather than their past, regardless of if something seems too broken to be fixed.

Everything about 'Bohemians' is exceptional and there is so much attention to detail, which is incredibly impressive - right from the beat to the vocals to the lyrics. 'Bohemians' is a track that everyone can relate to in one way or another, which is also why this track is so unbelievably special. There is so much emotion conveyed through his phenomenal voice and his passion for music shines through.

"We're just bohemians out on our own.

I wanna know, where do we go?"

'Bohemians' provides the first preview of what can be expected from his second EP, which we're already looking forward to hearing! Deriving musical inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac and Sam Fender, his hard work and powerful song-writing ability has made him a popular name, often being recognised as 'One To Watch.' Passionate vocals, emotional soundscapes and a darker twist are a powerful combination, all of which are perfectly captured throughout Drew Thomas' music, which depicts tales of rejection, broken relationships and addiction.

'Bohemians' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster

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