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Drew Thomas I Running Reds

Following on from 'Somebody You Needed,' a beautifully honest and emotional track, which was released earlier this year, singer and songwriter Drew Thomas is back with his phenomenal new single 'Running Reds.'


A refreshing, endearing sound is developed throughout the single. What is particularly impressive is how Drew Thomas' sound is constantly evolving over time. 'Running Reds' will have your undivided attention right from the first beat.

The single has a memorable sound throughout, partnering clever lyrics including: 'We'll keep running reds to burn this city down' and of course, his vocals are truly exemplified throughout the track, with his exceptional musical abilities also shining through.

The track was first brought to life when it was written after a gig in the back of a car at a service station. The single is a 'coming-of-age track about small town living and the struggles of being a young creative in the big city' and also stirs a message of positivity and the ability to be able to conquer the challenges of feeling alone in such a big city. This track is almost like Drew Thomas has opened up his personal diary to listeners, expressing an incredible sense of vulnerability.

Making use of a wide variety of influences, including Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac and Dermot Kennedy, Drew Thomas has certainly found his unique sound.

Having secured a support slot at London's iconic Shepherds Bush Empire and headlining his own show in his home city of London at the end of 2019, he is continuing to go from strength to strength, with releases also including 'Soho' and 'Just Getting By.'

Speaking about the impact he wants his music to have on his listeners, he explains:

"I've always wanted to make music that people love and play on repeat. If my music can become timeless to a listener, then I'll know my job is done."

'Running Reds' is out now. The single can be streamed on Spotify by clicking here.



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