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Drew Thomas | Vultures

Immensely talented singer and song-writer Drew Thomas has recently released his brand new single, titled 'Vultures,' which has been hailed as a 'gritty, energetic and ballsy redress to bad friendships, negativity and critics.'

Produced by Nat Webb, who has worked with artists such as The Struts and Kelsey Karter, 'Vultures' sees Drew Thomas take on a brand new sound, almost marking a new chapter in his music career, as it were. His new upbeat offering is a true testament to his exceptional talent.

His vocals are especially exemplified throughout this track and when partnered with a memorable production, make for an brilliant track. 'Vultures' is quite anthem-like in its nature, especially in the chorus section of the track. There is a sense of eager anticipation in the build-up to the chorus and when the chorus does drop, the track erupts into a new level.

Speaking about his new single, Drew Thomas explained:

"This past year has been a natural reset for me as an artist. Having the time in my personal life to realise who my real friends are and address the feelings that were holding me back has been really important.

During the writing process, I immediately pictured it being played live at a sweaty venue, beer in hand and having the great times that have sorely been missed during the pandemic."

His fresh release follows on from his EP 'Early Hours,' that was released in late 2020. The successful EP featured several original tracks, including 'Lying On The Concrete' and 'Somebody You Needed.' The EP nicely rounded up a successful year for Drew Thomas and we're already excited to hear even more from him throughout 2021!

'Vultures' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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