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Dutchkid | Light On

Ones to watch alt / pop electronic collective Dutchkid have teased the arrival of their forthcoming debut album with new single 'Light On', via Ultra Music.

Produced in collaboration with ambient, indie-pop artist Shallou, the track is another head turning outing of Dutchkid's unique brand of stylish electro-pop. Genre-binding and sophisticated, 'Light On' is classy, drenched in emotion and warmth with rich beats and soft vocals. With it's captivating production, this more grown-up style of electro-pop is both a glimpse into Dutchkid's more sensitive songwriting and showcases exactly what can happen when you fuse together powerhouses from each skillset.

Lyrically, 'Light On' touches on the subject of loneliness and set to an atmospheric palette of delicate, uplifting melody, with goosebump-inducing effect. Surprisingly, its theme of loneliness was not inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of human interaction most people experienced; it was written months before the world went into lockdown. A premonition? Perhaps. But certainly a poignant track that resonates on more than one level.

On the creation of the new single, ‘Light On’, Jordi van Dyk said,

“‘Light On’ came from a writing session we had with Joe Boston aka ‘Shallou’. We started off discussing the idea of feeling lonely in a crowd and that basic human need for connection. It was beautiful to see how the song kept evolving throughout the session and how vulnerability can lead to healing.”

Dutchkid are a collective of six and include songwriters, producers, film-makers and graphic designers who create, record and produce their own music and art. Each member brings a certain set of skills to the table to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The group boast their upward trajectory featuring on the likes of BBC Radio 1's Future Artists as well as the nationwide BBC Introducing show and also received Apple Music's New Artist Spotlight of the Month.

Like most live music outfits, Dutchkid suffered during the pandemic with live tour dates cancelled numerous times. They’re now excited to be back on Friday 10th December 2021 at Oslo in Hackney, East London, where they’ll perform the new album for the first time to post-pandemic audiences. Dutchkid are doing things differently and the signs are all there - it’s only a matter of time before this hugely talented collective break through in a big way.

'Light On' is out now. Listen HERE @dutchkidmusic


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