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Dylan Dunlap | Seriously

Los Angeles born singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap has released his new track 'Seriously'.


Dylan's effortlessly smooth vocal invites us straight into his world on this track with it's warm tone. 'Seriously' is beautifully simple, and that's what makes it so special, accompanied with a lush soundscape of chilled, yet powerful production and vulnerable songwriting. What a talent.

On the track, Dylan confides,

"‘Seriously' was without a doubt the most challenging one to write. For three weeks straight, I word vomited what felt like a novel in my Notes app about what I would want to tell myself I was was on my deathbed. Sounds serious, but that's the irony as my one 'takeaway' would be that I probably took things too seriously. My writing process can be so unpredictable sometimes, but that's the beauty in choosing to believe that the words will come out when they're ready to."

Dylans' love for music came at a very young age where he performed on the streets of his hometown. Since then he's honed his distinct sound, which bridges the gap between pop and indie. Dylan's live show has also been taken on the road, where he has toured through North America and Europe, opening for the likes of Howie Day and One Republic.


Listen to 'Seriously' HERE Instagram: @iamdylandunlap


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