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Earth n Days x Terri B! | Walk on Water

Earth n Days have returned with their vibrant new version of their brilliant tune 'Walk on Water', featuring star vocalist Terri B!, via Kevin McKay's Glasgow Underground.


The track is built on vast, rubbery kick drums that set a fine groove and warm chords bring the house heat. Razor sharp drums drive onwards and upwards whilst Terri's vocal is the glossy icing on top - soaring to the heavens and swells the hearts of all who hear it. It's the perfect way to end 2020 for the ever more essential duo and is sure to be a stand out tune in New Year's Eve lockdown parties.

'Walk on Water' was initially released as their debut on the label in 2019, but it's now been updated for the clubs having already picked up support from the likes of Mat.Joe, elrow's Toni Varga, Steve Lawler, Mark Knight and many more. Earth n Days have had a huge 2020, despite the obvious turmoil in the music world. They are currently Beatport's Number 2 Artist, ahead of big names such as Camelphat and Purple Disco Machine.

Kicking off the year with an exceptional take on the classic 'Just Be Good To Me', which took them to #1 in Beatport’s Top Track Charts and has remained a huge hit in the many months since. Rather than resting on their laurels, the duo have served up more goodtime house vibes on their own labels, Let There Be Jack and HouseU, much of which has dominated house charts across the board. Despite only coming together for the first time in 2017, the pair have made a big and immediate impact with their energetic beats, warm bass and firing vocals. Their own much-loved Extended Mix of 'Such a Good Feeling' was a big hit on Glasgow Underground this summer. As such Glasgow Underground is now a real home label for the pair, and it's a fitting one…

Kevin McKay said,

“We released three of their tracks on Various Artist EPs in 2019 – ‘Rollin’, ‘Come With Me’ and of course, ‘Walk On Water’. I thought these records were brilliant and played them to death, but due to them not being so well known at the time, and partly due to timing in terms of their house sound, they didn't really grab the attention of the DJ community. I felt that the year they’ve had meant there were loads of DJs out there who would love to know about these early killer cuts. So, I asked them to do a 2020 update of ‘Walk On Water’ to see if I was right…”

'Walk on Water' feat. Terri B! is out now. Listen HERE @earthndays


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