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Easy Morning | Until Then (feat. Exxy)

Los Angeles producer Easy Morning releases his glistening debut single 'Until Then' with pop artist Exxy.


Inspired by the intricate and emotional vibes of artists such as San Holo and James Blake, Easy Morning paints the lush soundscapes you can hear on his debut single - which is written and performed by Exxy.

'Until Then' is a mellow track with immaculate lyrics and sweet vocals. Easy Morning has delivered a debut with a really polished sound that pushed indie elements into the realm of R&B and this track is a delight. Synth based tracks are definitely the soundtrack to Summer 2020!

Until Then digs into a deeper, more resonate honesty than is customary in electronic music. The lyrics are a portrait of a relationship fading away.

"We already know the ending, Nothing we can do to change it,

I just want you until then."

Easy Morning is the artist project of Los Angeles music producer, John C. who crafts EDM laced indie-pop with a heavy heart at the center. The 22-year-old queer artist grew up in the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona, where he briefly attended college for graphic design. Shortly after starting design school, he felt his interests shift and chose to take a gap year to dig his teeth into his true passion for music production. During this time, he moved to LA and attended the ICON Collective School for Music production, graduating in 2019.


Listen to 'Until Then' HERE


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