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EDES X Sanne Lovaas | Back To A Future

Norwegian dance artist EDES has set his mark on 2Dutch Air with groovy disco-pop tune 'Back To A Future'.


The main part of 'Back To A Future' is created by warm and happy melodies with a stunning vocal from Sanne Lovaas whilst adding groovy rhymths, upbeat disco feels and a lush soundscape to create the perfect mellow, yet danceable summer anthem.

As EDES explains, 'Back To A Future' is about dreaming about that special someone:

“'Back To A Future' is really about dreaming about having a future with a lost love. In a way it’s a story about being a hopeless romantic, living in the future and forgetting to enjoy the moment you live in today. Of course the name of the track is an obvious nod to one of the best movies from the 20th century, and the sonic character of the song definitely reflects that. It also has some time travelling lyrical content which was a fun experiment. The track came into fruition through a couple of really fun studio sessions with Sanne Lovaas. She is so expressive in her creativeness and really has a knack for good melodies. We started working from an instrumental I had made, and we quickly came up with the vocal melody and lyrics, along with developing the music. We had so much fun in the progress, and I think you can tell from the track!”

After making a name for himself with award-winning remixes for VERITÉ and Classified, EDES has steadily released his own original tracks, debuting last year. He has since built a strong catalogue of groovy, feel-good nu-disco / electro-pop bangers, quickly racking up over 1 million Spotify streams, 500,000 Youtube views and counting.

'Back To A Future' is out now. Listen HERE @musicbyedes | @sannelovaas


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