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EEVA | Out Of You

'Out of You' is the newest single from 24-year old artist EEVA, aka Emelie Eriksson - one of Sweden's finest young songwriters and brightest new pop stars.


Who hasn’t been in a relationship they wished they’d been talked out of a bit sooner? That's the theme behind this track. The swedish pop princess delivers a dynamic and perfect pop song ready made for mainstream radio across the globe. A lush, dreamy, yet thrilling electro-pop soundscape is the backdrop for EEVA's sweet vocal performance to shine through.

“I started talking to Marcus (one of the brilliant co-writers on this track) about all the times you’ve talked you’re friends out of bad relationships but when you were in one yourself you wished someone could have talked you out of it. So I was going in a direction of ”someone should have talked me out of you” and he turned it around to ”I should have talked me out of you” - since that’s what you’ve literally been doing for your friends, so why not yourself? I was like... f**k yes."

Growing up in the small Swedish town of Oskarshamn, EEVA's life changed when a song she wrote a friends wedding went viral, and at the age of 20, she became one of the first-ever students at the Dreamhill Music Academy, established by Swedish pop legend Anders Bagge, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, J-Lo and Celine Dion.

EEVA is now part of the team at Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm, based at the former EMI Studios and has written with the likes of Icona Pop, Kaiser Chiefs, Mike Perry and Becky G. As a songwriter and featured artist, she has close to 100 million streams.

'Out of You' is out now. Listen HERE @eeva_official


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