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Efraim Leo | When I Wanted You

The lead track taken from his debut EP, Efraim Leo has released the music video for his track 'When I Wanted You'.


'When I Wanted You' is pop perfection, appealing to the masses. With explosive and infectious melodies fused with raw and hard hitting lyrics, the track is a sure-fire jam that is ready made for radio. Subtle drum beats are paired with bright synth-driven melodies alongside a performance that is passionate with an exquisite vocal range.

“This song deals with the realisation of being trapped in a relationship with a girl that you have been chasing for so long that has let you down several times, and now you just wanna get out."

Efraim’s debut EP ‘Timing’ was approached “like writing a movie script” explained Efraim. The self-written collection unleashed his infectious and vibrant brand of pop songcraft onto the world and tells a carefully woven story about a relationship across four songs, based on his own experiences.

'Timing' EP is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @efraimleo


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