EKKO | Tipsy

Norwegian native singer, songwriter and producer Rebekka Danielsson, known as EKKO has returned in full swing with her second single 'Tipsy'.

Another electric, bouncing, pop-infused tune has arrived and in perfect timing. Oozing with simple yet pure, addictive melodic hooks and immaculately gleaming production throughout, this single is another shining example of EKKO’s impressive electronic understanding and utter expertise.

‘Tipsy’ is the perfect contrast to her debut - ‘Off My Mind’, released earlier this year as EKKO mirrors the seasons, fluidly moving from winter to summer. ‘Tipsy’ falls naturally into place as THE summer anthem we have all been waiting for. Prepare to have this tune blasting through your speakers, car windows rolled down as we relish in the warmer months ahead with this song as the soundtrack.

Partnered with an upcoming, equally as bright and captivating video, EKKO’s vibrancy, personality and ability truly radiates all over.