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ELBA | 700 Angels

25 year old Danish artist ELBA has jumped into the music scene with confidence and a clearly defined expression, which culminated with the release of her debut-EP 'Remember Me' in March 2020. On the 29th of May, she started the second chapter of her ELBA-project with the release of her new single '700 Angels'.

ELBA unites melancholy and thoughtfulness in a fiery explosion of a dance party, telling related stories about the loss of control and the many nuances of love.


Growing up in the northern part of Denmark (where she started her musical journey in the local choir at age 6) from the very beginning she became very aware of how powerful her vocal is since she was asked to be more quiet so there could be a room for the others in the choir as well. Ever since she has been on the path of music, and is now studying at the Danish Music Conservatory.

On the new single, the retro-sounding productions that defined the sound on 'Remember Me', is putted aside for a new and more experimental and dark pop-sound. The song is about the struggle of trying to look forward when everything hurts, and you feel let down and betrayed by someone close to you.

ELBA has throughout 2019 been on the edge of a major breakthrough, with her powerful vocal and catchy pop-music. Especially on the livescene she has been to see almost everywhere, by being featured on various of Danish festivals where she appeared on festival posters for SPOT Festival, Alive Festival, Copenhagen Pride and the big highlight at Roskilde Festival, to name a few.

The track is produced and written together with the producer Søren Buhl, which is normally known as a member of the Danish indie-band Blaue Blume and songwriter Asger Nordtop who is also known as the artist Guldimund. Together with her new team, ELBA have been working intensely on defining the sound of and expression of ELBA 2.0, which can be heard for the first time on ‘700 Angels’.

ELBA and the project’s powerful undertones diminish nothing, and expands everything. ELBA is a strong new voice on the electronic pop scene in Denmark.


Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @elbaofficialdk


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