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Eli Gosling | Locked Up

Eli Gosling has shared his expressive new single 'Locked Up' via Goldun Egg Records, following his four-track debut EP, 'Blue Romance' which was released back in September of last year.


The track delivers mellow confessional pop as well as drawing a subtle reference to downtempo drum 'n' bass and trip-hop, whilst the instrumentation reflects the emotional multiplicity of lockdown life, suitably languid to reflect the monotony yet feverish with anxiety. Eli's rich, deep vocals seep into the soul to represent the voice of a generation, climbing the walls, bored senseless with their confinement.

Eli says on 'Locked Up',

“This track was written about what we are living through due to Covid. We are enduring what feels like a limitless stretch in confinement without any real human contact and it is taking its toll. I decided to write a song which perhaps would give voice to a generation of people who are silently struggling. It’s a really difficult time and I hope that talking about it from my perspective will encourage others to do the same”

Remaining creative during lockdown, Eli has been discovering new artists, jotting down his feelings and sketching to feed the inspiration for his songwriting. His love of contemporary artists such as Post Malone and Juice Wrld alongside the 90's hip-hop scene continues to influence his creative vision and an expressive series of artworks have been designed and created by Eli to accompany each release.

'Locked Up' is out now.


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