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Elina | Love Come Round

Elina has shared her beautiful new single and music video, 'Love Come Around', which addresses mental health in difficult times, coming out as the premiere release on her own record label.


'Love Come Around' is a hauntingly beautiful and powerful masterpiece from the talented artist. The poignant release is a strengthening love letter which Elina has dedicated to everyone who gets up in the morning and fights on despite life’s all injustices and challenges, especially during this past year. The must listen gem immediately unfolds into the airways with refreshing but gentle acoustics, gorgeous synths, stylish drum beats and emotion drenched vocals which take listeners on a journey as she writes straight from the heart with raw honesty and passionate conviction.

Lyrically, the track reflects on the dark sides of the complex world we live in, processing everything from society's pressure and mental illness, to loneliness, grief, death and heartache, holding our hands and telling us that it’s okay to feel lost in all of this.

"Since the pandemic broke out, a lot of thoughts have come to me and it has felt more important than ever to stop our constant chasing and reflect on what is actually valuable to us as individuals. I wanted to dedicate something to all the people who get up in the morning and fight on, despite the injustices, difficulties, challenges and inner fights we have to face. I hope it can help someone feel a little less alone in this chaotic world."

The single is released alongside the music video featuring Elina and her mother in the area of her childhood village. It’s directed and filmed by Hampus Hjellström.

“We wanted to depicture someone going through a difficult time after a family member became ill. It’s based on the relationship between a daughter and her mother but focuses mainly on the inner struggle as a relative. Everything is recorded around my hometown and my mother is part of the video which made it extra personal to me."

Fans from over the globe have fallen in love with Elina's DIY approach and intimate world of organic pop, amassing over 200 million streams.

'Love Come Around' is out now. Listen HERE @elinasongs


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