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Ella M | 24 Hours

Ella M has released her single '24 Hours' which is accompanied by a music video and is the second track from her upcoming EP 'YELLOW BLAZER'.


'24 Hours' features lush production with subtle acoustics which build throughout to create a more commercial pop song with hints of commercial R&B. Ella's vocal is pure and has a really sweet tone, which carries the track perfectly. It's chilled and refined, which makes for super easy listening. A really skilled and stylish addition to the upcoming EP release.

The video for '24 Hours' was shot on an iPhone, using a tripod with fisheye lens details, and was edited, directed and styled by Ella's creative collaborators Yasmin Jansen and creative director, Dean DiCrisio

Inspiration for the video comes from Ella's adaptation to our new normal, where many of our intimate moments that would usually be in person have been shifted to phone interactions. 24 hours in the day just never seemed like enough time, especially due to time differences stemming from the fact that her core group of friends relocated around the world. 


Listen to '24 Hours' HERE Instagram: @itsellamusic


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