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Ellen Krauss | Bali

With a string of fresh and exciting offerings under her belt already, rising Swedish pop-star Ellen Krauss has returned to share her vibrant new single 'Bali' via Tiller Inc.

licensed to BMG Recorded Music.


Since the release of her excellent debut EP 'First Take' at the back end of 2019, Ellen's subsequent material has been a diverse and varied output that sees her push the boundaries of modern pop - this new track is no different. With it's bright and atmospheric production woven effortlessly between her bold and soaring vocals, her latest offering brings back more of the broad and euphoric direction that she is quickly gaining a reputation for.

Speaking about the song, Ellen says:

"(Uncontrollable attraction, Quarantine, Corona, Dream away , travelling - Bali). This song is about a steamy date. Simple as that. The girl I wrote it about had planned a trip to Bali. Maybe this song will play a different role now than when I wrote it, because of Corona. People now have to fantasise about a hot vacation instead of actually going places. But that can be fun too."

This track comes after Ellen's comeback offering 'Silver Spoon' and last month's release 'No Talk'. Her debut EP has impressively racked up over 14 million streams since its release whilst Ellen has also made her TV debut on Sweden's STV, gained support from massively influential media channels and toured with Miriam Bryant, playing 800-6500 capacity venues across Sweden.

At just 19 years old, Ellen has already received praise from some of the world's biggest musical icons including superstar producer Max Martin and artist Carly Rae Jepsen, as well as bring awarded the Rookie Artist of the Year at the Dennis Pop Awards, as voted for by a panel including pop sensations Tove Lo and Laleh. Her debut single and LGBTQ acceptance anthem, ‘The One I Love,’ has racked up over 7 million total global streams since its release last year, and was added to over 1,500 playlists, including Spotify’sNew Music Friday in Sweden.

Ellen has taught herself her musical skill since the age of four, spending most of her younger years writing in her bedroom in Stockholm or South Africa, where her family occasionally lived. Inspired by a diverse group of artists, her music is also imbued with the rebellious spirit of youth. She is outspoken about many things including LGBTQ equality and women's rights - pushing back against the traditional social structures that a young girl should fit into.

“I want to look at what makes us similar, and try and bring people together.”

Exciting things are sure to be coming soon for this young talent.


Listen to 'Bali' HERE


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